Coaches, Is This How You Sell?

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Coaches, Is This How You Sell?

It’s incredible how many coaches, think they are great salespeople, and some are! Most need to make sure they understand the link between marketing and sales. To invest in a coaches sales training for coaches is most often considered a waste of time and money.

Only about 1 out of 10 coaches I talk to have sales experience of any kind. They know their work but nothing about how to sell their services. Less than 1 out of 20 coaches I talk has a clear and convincing elevator pitch. And almost none have it down to 15 seconds (which is where neuromarketing helps).

So, let me challenge you! Based on the facts, that come out of the science of neuromarketing, coaches have a great opportunity to stand out and close deals. In order to sell you need to know:

• What does your ideal client ‘want’?

• What is the service they ‘need’?

• What is your pitch?

Clients speak to 3 coaches before they buy! Why would they buy from you and not another coach?

If you need a thinking partner to find leads, engage and close, please reach out to me.

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