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Do I need a LinkedIn company page?

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Do I need a LinkedIn company page?
Do I need a LinkedIn company page?

Does it help to have a company profile on my LinkedIn to prove my experience?

Most professionals just settle with having an optimized profile on LinkedIn, but as a coach, you need to shine among the competence in every way. You need to show them why you can offer more or why you are the best in your particular niche.

Having a company page helps to share testimonials and golden nuggets of information quickly. You can also add links to your website or even create a community around your practice that will have a life on its own.

You need to create the company page using your page. You will need to upload a logo and a headband for your page that represents you well. This is the first step towards establishing your brand on LinkedIn. Once this is completed, the rest of the page is easy to set up on LinkedIn (it will only take 5 minutes) but will provide a massive boost to your presence on the platform.

Make sure to check the following:

  • Fill in all the information they request; leave no blank spaces. This is where your background information needs to be curated to summarize all you can do genuinely. Make sure that it sounds convincing and very constructive.

  • Set up your “button” correctly. Company pages on LinkedIn have one unique feature, called the page button. You can assign many actions to it, but the most common one is to link the company’s website, thus creating a funnel for your potential clients.

  • Share content as well as listen to others. Your company page needs to be active to attract clients to it. Publish regularly and try to interact with people that do; colleagues and your team members are perfect for this. Make sure you have a nice mini-community built around your page.

I want to share with you some interesting facts about LinkedIn pages that will exemplify all of these advantages

  • 30 million companies are on LinkedIn, their company pages gather more than 1 billion clicks a year.

  • If you create an Ad with this page on the platform, you can potentially reach 10% of the world’s population in a month. LinkedIn is genuinely the most popular professional network worldwide.

  • 4 out of 5 people who consult companies on LinkedIn are in management positions. Therefore this page is only helping you connect with relevant people of your desired niche.

  • Interactions between business owners and their companies represent almost 20% of the daily interactions a page can have. So it is the perfect stage to let others know you and your capabilities directly. Showcase yourself!

At first, it may seem odd to create a company page for a personal brand or a coaching business managed by one person. However, the benefits are the same as a regular company, and you will benefit from having one. The limit is only in your creativity to find new ways to connect with others.

Company pages also serve as a way to showcase your past experiences and the level of expertise of your team (should you have one) as they have their own space on the page. Do not hesitate and try it right away. You will see how your exposure will increase exponentially with this feature.

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