Do I need a LinkedIn company page?

Does it help to have a company profile on my LinkedIn to prove my experience?

Do I need a LinkedIn company page?
Do I need a LinkedIn company page?

Let's start with some facts about LinkedIn pages that will set your thinking in the right direction.

  • 30 million companies are on LinkedIn, their company pages gather more than 1 billion clicks a year. Traffic that they generate only on the site.

  • If you create an Ad with this page on the platform, you can potentially reach 10% of the world’s population that makes use of or interact on the platform daily.

  • 4 out of 5 people who consult companies on LinkedIn are key decision-makers looking for potential collaborations.

  • Interactions between business owners and their companies represent almost 20% of the daily interactions made by them.

It may seem odd at first to create a company page for a personal brand or a coaching business managed by one person. However, the benefits are present and you should make the most out of them.

When you use more of the tools that LinkedIn has to offer you increase your chances to engage with potential clients exponentially. On the other hand, your brand can also grow passively using the publications or by simple interactions with your main account.

Most professionals just settle with having an optimized profile on LinkedIn but, when you become a coach, you need to shine among the competition.

Having a company page not only helps to share testimonials and golden nuggets of information but also allows you to have a strong synergy with your professional practice.

The first thing you need to do is create a logo for your professional services that complement all of your professional services, this is the first step towards an established brand.

Once this is created, the rest of the page is very easy to set up on LinkedIn (it will only take 5 minutes) but will provide tremendous insight into your target clients.

  1. Check that all fields are correctly filled, leave no blank spaces. This is where your background information and testimonials truly have a chance to develop. Optimization with SEO is always welcomed as it helps you be found faster.

  2. Set up your “button” correctly: Company pages on LinkedIn have one unique feature which is called the page button. You can assign many actions to it but the most common one is to have a link towards the company’s website, thus creating a funnel for your potential clients.

  3. Share content and insights: As mentioned before, you should use this page as an extension to your main profile. This can be achieved by sharing publications or by tagging each other in comments or images you share. It is all one same, big brand that needs to nurture itself.

  4. Make the most out of your page: Company pages not only serve as a hub of representation but have many functions to it. You can recruit, show potential clients your cases of study, or even show your internal team. There is a huge potential to be exploited with enough creativity.

If you need any help creating a great company page, get in touch with us.

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