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Have you ever wanted to send more than 1000 emails at a time?

Not everyone is familiar with the wonders of email automation and how it can save you time and money in the long run.

I know it may sound complicated at first, especially when choosing software and establishing your first couple of drafts.

Have you ever wanted to send more than 1000 emails at a time?
Have you ever wanted to send more than 1000 emails at a time?

But, once you get the system cranking, you will see the difference in the response rate of your different client databases and just how much influence it can have to be present via email in the daily life of your past and future clients.

Clients often wish they could be able to grow extra pairs of arms to tackle different activities simultaneously. They also wonder how they could reach past, present, and future clients easily. Email automation is a magic solution for both problems!

Some businesses can amass impressive amounts of emails in no time. Whether it is a stage in their sales pipeline or just older clients registered on their records, it is easy to surpass the barrier of 10.000 in less than a year. Emailing all of these leads can be quite a chore that can easily consume your week if you don’t prepare accordingly.

Automation is one of the best tools that the digital era offers and can easily do quick work. Although prices for some platforms can be quite unforgiving, it is incredible how much utility you get. Let us review why it is essential to automate these processes and some quick tips on doing it.

Creating email campaigns can be an excellent way to nurture your new or older clients’ relationships in a passive way. Sharing your new sale deals or essential updates can quickly grab their attention from their mobile device. Sending them manually is an impossible task to get done on time.

That is where platforms such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, Contant Contact or Mailshake can be a godsend as they let you automate the process entirely with their tools. You can get your emails personalized to have your clients’ names, specify the exact time and date you want them to send, and even collect strategic data, such as how many of them were seen or clicked upon.

This can easily be connected to your pipeline or other similar tools to automatically get all the processes done.

It would be irresponsible to say that automation does not carry certain risks. That is why I must stress that you should inform yourself well before considering hiring these services.

I gathered some essential tips for you to consider before jumping into the automation world for emails.

  • Work with verified emails or people who are willing to receive your information. Blasting emails to unknown people can seriously damage your reputation and get you banned from specific platforms.

  • Segmentize, take advantage of how precise automation is, and try different approaches to how you contact clients. Offer different promotions for different niches, try and send specific holiday cards for specific clients. Make the most out of it.

  • Automation can save you money in the long run. Having someone working on mailing lists can easily occupy their entire time. The expenses that a full salary means hardly justify themselves with only emails. You can use that person’s talents elsewhere.

Pipelines can be handy tools for any business if used properly. They can help you with your sales, reduce your operational costs, and help your team be more cohesive when making sales.

It is a fair amount of work to get it working correctly, but you will see the rewards in no time.

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