How to draft an Elevator Pitch

It's incredible how many coaches, think they are great salespeople, and some are! Most need to make sure they understand the link between marketing and sales. To invest in a coaches sales training for coaches is most often considered a waste of time and money.

How to draft an Elevator Pitch
How to draft an Elevator Pitch

Only about 1 out of 10 coaches I talk to have sales experience of any kind. They know their work but nothing about how to sell their services. Less than 1 out of 20 coaches I talk has a clear and convincing elevator pitch. And almost none have it down to 15 seconds (which is where neuromarketing helps).

So, let me challenge you! Based on the facts, that come out of the science of neuromarketing, coaches have a great opportunity to stand out and close deals. In order to sell you need to know:

• What does your ideal client ‘want’

• What is the service they ‘need’

• What is your pitch

In average clients speak to 3 coaches before they buy! So be sure you're prepared and your elevator pitch is spot on.

Speaking to coaches and consultants from all over the world every day, I notice that most of them struggle with their elevator pitch. So, let me give you a script for your elevator pitch that really works.

  1. Start with a (fact-based) pain point statement (which problem do you address): example: XX% of all people in the US are obese. This is a huge health risk for the American population.

  2. The offer a solution (what you offer to solve the problem): example: I help people to, I offer solutions for, I spread the word about, I give guidance, ..

  3. Present the outcome (what is the result): ... to increase confidence, lower self-doubt, overcome fears, apply tools

  4. Mention your point of differentiation (what differentiates you from others): example: by bringing in a perspective from neuroscience or by sharing stories from world travels or by combining science with creativity

  5. Specify your clients or audience (to whom you sell): example: to executives, to kids , to women

  6. Mention Where (location of your operation): example: example: to executives in NY, to kids in Nigeria, to women in male dominated industries

If you need a thinking partner to work this out let us know. We can help you work out your USP and elevator pitch.

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