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How to use LinkedIn to find leads

Is it possible to find leads on LinkedIn?

How can you make the most out of them?

Most LinkedIn users believe that its only use is recruitment or exposure. However, according to some interesting data, this platform has helped many coaches and similar service providers find and convert leads into clients worldwide.

How to use LinkedIn to find leads
How to use LinkedIn to find leads

LinkedIn has grown over the past decade and has become a staple for finding professional connections. With a total population of 660 million, it is easy to see why it is such an important space to share knowledge and, more often than not, look for someone with a specific skill set.

Coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs should feel right at home here as it allows them to know their potential clients better before engaging. Not only do they have access to the academic background of their leads, but they can also see their interaction, working experience, personal milestones, and so much more. I want to share some tips on how to make the most out of this information so you can convert your leads into clients in no time.

  • Although it is imperative to make strong connections, it is also equally important to have a remarkable online presence. Sometimes leads will find you first while looking at your publications or people in common.

  • LinkedIn has strict policies to protect its users, making it a safe space for CEOs and decision-makers. This makes the first impression very important as they tend to take business seriously. Make your first interaction truly meaningful, no matter how you choose to do it.

  • This platform (like any other) has a social element in it that shouldn’t be forgotten. Take a minute and get to know your clients; see their latest achievements, lessons, and failures to create value for them genuinely.

  • Being direct can pay off well if you consider the two steps mentioned before. Dropping a robust and customized message can be the perfect start for a business proposal for your clients. Show them that you know how to ensure quality.

After putting this plan together, you will notice how turning your potential leads into clients will be a reality.

Let me share some insight with you, so it is easier to understand why the investment in time and resources will truly make a difference:

  • By 2020, 17% of the total population of LinkedIn were CEOs or Presidents. Another 20% of them are Officers of diverse nature (CMO, CTO, COO, etc.). This translates into 150 million potential leaders that can become clients in just one website.

  • Entrepreneurs and leaders are also an essential part of the demographic. Most of them tend to look for opportunities to expand their brands or strengthen their skills, making them a perfect business opportunity. They are also among the most active users.

  • One recent movement that has taken flight on LinkedIn is the academic side. Many professionals offer mentorship and coaching to users in the platform. Some of them are 1-on-1 programs, while others offer more of a “classroom” style. This niche is expected to grow in the future.

  • I can't stress enough the importance of interacting and making yourself relevant. Give recommendations, comment on others’ achievements, overall be a positive force everyone wants to have in their network. Leads and clients will find you if you make yourself an essential part of their professional life.

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that has a lot of utility for those who wish to explore it. There are a lot of solid connections waiting out there that can turn themselves into valuable clients. However, you must take the time to create valuable offers that genuinely make you stand out. This investment will pay itself in no time when done right.

Remember, not every lead will turn into a client, but your best clients will start just as any lead. Giving the best of yourself during the connecting process to each of them will be the deciding factor.

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