Which color are you?

The Lüscher color test is a psychological test invented by Dr. Max Lüscher in, Switzerland. He found that sensory perception of color is objective and universally shared by all.

Which color is the best for my brand?

He found that color preferences are however subjective. This allows color perception to be measured by using test colors. Lüscher believed that color selections are guided in an unconscious manner and reveal a person as they really are, not as they perceive themselves or would like to be perceived. He found that there are 8 colors that represent one’s personality. For example:

- Green: “Elasticity of Will” passive, persistence, self-esteem/assertion, pride, control - Blue: “Depth of Feeling” passive, concentric, tranquility, calm, tenderness - Red: “Force of Will” competitive, action, desire, excitement, sexuality - Yellow: “Spontaneity” active, projective, aspiring, expectancy, exhilaration

Your brand should feature your ‘true colors’. Let me know if you want a thinking partner to evaluate your color palate.

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