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Why does one post perform and another doesn’t?

Why is the engagement in my blog so inconsistent with no solid numbers?

We have talked about having a blog before, and hopefully, you are on the right track already, creating entries and posting all your excellent insights online. However, you might notice that the engagement is not good or somewhat inconsistent, so how can we fix that?

Why does one post perform and another doesn’t?
Why does one post perform and another doesn’t?

First of all, pat yourself on the back because you dare to ask the questions and do the job that not everyone has the initiative to do. But, if you are not reaching your ideal numbers just yet, do not worry. There are many ways to improve your work and reach more people in less time.

The first stop will be improving your existing posts to boost the content you have already created. After everything looks good, you just need to establish the basis to optimize any future posts you create.

  • Find the posts, blogs, and images that you consider more relevant from your profile, and make sure to share them using your company page. These pages react differently to the algorithm when compared to personal profiles, thus giving you more engagement.

  • Make sure to use hashtags in your favor. Select 3 of them with different densities on the platform (low, mid, and high) and add them in the comment section if you missed them in the post. I also encourage you to create your hashtag so interested parties can find all of your work on LinkedIn.

  • When creating new content, make sure that it follows a logical structure that correlates to the others. You can release content based on your current study cases, calendar dates, or just narrating your life story. This creates a logical sense that encourages other users to follow you or return to see the next page in the book.

  • Once all of this is in place, you must remember the number 1 priority, being regular with your content. The best way to reach a balance point in the platform is by having a regular posting schedule. If followers and interested parties know this, they can anticipate your posts while also building expectations.

Although having a professional focus, LinkedIn is, at its core, a social network. This means that many of the insights you apply to Instagram and Facebook apply here as well.

However, here are some strategic tips that will allow enhancing the strategies even further

  • Most LinkedIn users follow between 3 to 6 Hashtags on the platform; this is one of the primary filters for the content they see on their landing page. This is why it is so important to choose the appropriate hashtags for your niche.

  • Sadly, the blog tool on LinkedIn has seen a steady decline in its use in the last couple of years. However, all users who stopped reading articles are more active in the posts associated with their fields. The best strategy here is to create impressive posts that invite people to jump into your blog.

  • Images are compelling. On average, a LinkedIn member will navigate the feed for a maximum of 10 minutes before jumping to their messages or other sections. This means that you have roughly 3 seconds to make them engage with you. Use images wisely to snatch their attention before others!

  • Even though posting regularly is a rule, doing so ensuring quality is the law. Content needs to be regular but always significant or, at the very least, relevant for potential leads. This is the secret formula to keep your engagement in solid numbers.

Creating blogs or content for LinkedIn may be intimidating due to the number of details that need consideration. However, once you have done a couple of entries, you will see how easy it gets with practice.

Also, the first decisions are the most important. When you get to know your niche and leads, you will see how easy it is to find the right hashtags and interesting topics they want to learn. Remember, you are the expert, and you have the knowledge they seek!

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