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Why should you write a blog?

Having a solid online presence means a lot to your branding, and the best way to do it is by having a professional blog!

You can introduce yourself, your business, and your past clients all in one single place.

You need to know that to stay relevant and competitive in today's world; it is necessary to have more than just an excellent website or a professionally designed page on LinkedIn.

Why should you write a blog?
Why should you write a blog?

You need to make yourself a knowledge base, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by starting a professional blog on your website.

Having a blog gives you the perfect opportunity to better introduce yourself to your readers and become a strategic source of knowledge. It may sound like a lot of work at first, but I will give you some tips to make your life easier.

Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll be a master in no time.

  • Write your entries around specific keywords you want to highlight and that is related to the main idea. If you are familiarized with SEO, you will understand right away how to do it. If not, a powerful tip is to make sure that these words are present in your title and topic sentences.

  • Always introduce adequate alt text to describe your images. This not only helps visually impaired readers but also contributes to your SEO.

  • Media outlets have noticed that 60% of the people who read blogs and news online prefer to do so on their mobile phones. Therefore, photos should be kept simple, so they don’t give them problems when visualizing them on their tiny screens.

  • Make sure you have added a meta-text to your blog as it empowers, even more, your SEO. This also makes users feel invited to read your blog as they can easily decide with the extract if you talk about what they are interested in.

After studying blogs created and managed by coaches, I have learned some interesting facts about them. I will share some of the most important insights I have noticed in the past, part of my professional blog.

  • When you want to coach in a specific niche (technology, fitness, investment), having a blog creates a sense of authority and knowledge that may help you better represent your brand. You know you are an expert, but you need others to trust you first.

  • With a well-developed blog, you will build a valuable audience in no time. Not only will your readers increase the traffic over your funnels, but they will also use you as a reference when in doubt. In turn, you will naturally generate a more organic relationship.

  • If your content is excellent and engaging, your readers will surely share it in their profiles and platforms, thus passively increasing your reach. Make sure you have this option activated and working correctly.

  • When enough content has been posted on your blog, you can start thinking about transforming it into different tools to increase your influence even more. You can turn it into a newsletter for subscribers or even your first official book!

Most coaches might feel overwhelmed by the possibility of adding a blog to their already complicated routine but fear not. You will see great results once you start making a habit of it. Also, if you feel that you have clear ideas but lack time to transform them into text, you can always us ask to help you.

We'll share the best-practise blog format we use and will help you to get started with your own blog.

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