• IICM - ICF Apprved Coach Training Website

    IICM - International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring is a coach training provider offering internationally accredited coach training. Iftikhar Nadeem, PhD., had the objective was to create a coach training website meeting the ICF training provider standards.

  • Chris Palmer Executive Coaching Website

    Chris Palmer is an Executive Coach and CSuite Executive living in South Carolina. Chris coaches and consults leaders in Fortune 500 companies. His objective was to create a clear coaching businesss strategy and design a new website for his existing business.

  • Astrid Ellis Award Winning Mentor Webite

    Astrid Ellis is an award-winning Business Builder and Mentor, specialized in helping women in male-dominated industries thrive. Astrid worked in the Oil&Gas industry for many years. Her objective was to create a business website for her mentoring programs attracting female leaders.

  • Dr Justin Kenedy Website

    Dr. Justin Kennedy is a Neuroscientist and Executive Coach. Besides his academic roles in the EU, he works with companies in the US, Asia and the Middle East. His website is designed around his strong personal brand promoting his speaking, teaching & coaching services.

Coaching Websites

  • 15.png

    The Personal Leadership Accelerator is a 7 week virtual leadership program delivered by top speakers from Europe, North America and Africa. We build a brand for the program and built a website allowing life streaming and conference ticket sales.

  • CoachPulse Work.png

    Anna K. Schaffner is a writer, professor of cultural history, and a personal coach. Anna lives between the UK and Germany with writing responsibilities for the biggest blog sites in Popular Psychology. Her new website reflects her historic background and her rich writing portfolio.

  • CoachPulse Work (1).png

    The Brain Hack Project is an online course for coaches and consultants wanting to build and grow their online coaching business. The course and landing page are build on the Kajabi platform. It has a build in sales funnel and email automation.

  • Rose O'donovan Coach & Master Trainer

    Rose O'Donovan is a Spinning® Master Instructor, Power Specialist Master Instructor, MDA Training Coordinator and much more, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her business objective was to create a website with a booking function for her classes and training programs.

  • Adelyn Andersen Crosscultural Coach Website

    Adelyn Andersen is a professional specialized in cross-cultural coaching and training. Adelyn has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Her website was designed to attract companies looking for leadership coaching, training, and workshops for teams and individuals.

  • Craig Fullertn Education Consultant& Coach Website

    Craig Fullerton is a Thought Leader in Education. Based out of China, he consults, coaches and mentors education institutions in Asia, Australia and Europe. Craig's objective was to create a strategy around his vast experience in education and transform that into his new personal branding.

  • Leadersinddigital Website

    Leaders in Digital Media is a paid media consultancy and data digital marketing with clients all over the world. Dawn Kubicek, the CEO & Founder, reworked her service portfolio with us and allowed us to create their new business website - so successfully that we became partners.

  • Randy Swaim Coaching Website

    Randy Swaim, Ph.D. cand. is a pilot, pilot trainer, and multiple certified coach based out of Texas. He trains pilots, coaches individuals and offers a teen coaching program in his private practice. He needed a strong personal brand and a website for his coaching business reflecting his aviation background.

  • wildernessencountersafrica

    Mandy Young g is a Psychologist and Professional Coach offering life-changing wildlife experiences in Africa. She needed a new personal brand for her business and an African-inspired website that evokes positive feelings for her travel experiences. Her business website also allows bookings for events.

  • Andy Taylor MCC Website

    Andy Taylor is a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach Master Trainer based in Corning, New York. Andy needed a new coaching website with a webinar function for his mentoring and training. After we've created his new SCC website, we helped him promote his webinars

  • Stephen Fowler Sales Coach Website

    Stephen Fowler is an experienced Senior Executive, Sales Coach and Sales Trainer based in Singapore and Bangkok. His objective was to work on a coaching business strategy and a website for his coaching practice that attracts large corporations in the Singaporean market.

  • 10.png

    Karla Robertson is a very experienced Brain-Coach in the US. She is an author and keynote speaker working as an independent coach. Her corporate clients are mainly multinationals. Karla hired us to rebrand herself, create a strong personal brand and create an engaging, well-structured and beautiful website.

  • Profi-Baukraft GmbH

    The Profi-Baukraft GmbH is a German-based company specialized in offering staff solutions in the construction industry. Karlo and Ana have approached us to create a  brand kit for their new business and a website in German language for the local market where they operate.

  • 19.png

    Hatem Alabki's coaching philosophy merges cutting-edge business theory with ancient wisdom. Hatem wanted a website, that reflects his philosophy and experience. As part of his coaching business strategy, we created a clear service catalog based on his USP and a brand new website for his personal brand and coaching business.

  • Karey VanBuren.jpg

    Karey vanBuren is a Canadian Executive coach offering professional and personal online coaching to clients in the USA and Canada. He combines health and Performance aspects in his coaching. Karey wanted a personal, fresh look for his brand, a new logo, and a business website with booking options.

  • SSEDUBAI.png

    SSE - Silver Star Electronics, is a Dubai-based company. They are a one-stop destination or all IT and electronics.

    We worked together to re-launch their website and show their brand in a new look that compels to their top-end client base.

  • Nuno Reiss.png

    Nuno Reiss, PhD. is a Mathematician, Quant, Trader and Financial Engineer living in London. He needed a business website and a platform for his online programs for finance specialists. We built his website on Kajabi and created a unique look and personal branding for his online courses.

  • CoachPulse Work.png

    Anna K. Schaffner is a writer, professor of cultural history, and a personal coach. Anna lives between the UK and Germany with writing responsibilities for the biggest blog sites in Popular Psychology. Her new website reflects her historic background and her rich writing portfolio.

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